Qualification Certificate

The quality guideline upheld by the company is to pursuit superior quality. To do this, improved quality assurance system has been established. The specially founded quality testing management center is technically advanced and equipped with highly advanceld measurement and testing facilities and methods, while the testing personnel is of good profession and capable to guide the production, ensures the superior quality of the product, and provides in time information and data required by the clients. Therefore, the quality achievement and clients requirement could be fufilled.

One Part of the quality testing equipment and apparatus:


Quality Certification:

The company has been granted the certification of the three-in-one management system of ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSMS18001 (quality/environment/health and safety of employment).

The necessary processes for the operation of the quality management include:

1. The preliminary supporting processes include: internal communication, file control, quality recording control, management analysis, training and infrastructure control. The above-illustrated processes are the necessary preparation and base for the product and trade process.

2. The production and trade achievement processes include: any client-relevant process, procurement, control of production and trade operation, label and traceability, protection of product, control of surveillance and measurement apparatus.

3. The post supporting processes include: monitoring and measurement of client satisfaction, internal verification, monitoring and measurement of process, monitoring and measurement of product, failure control, data analysis, corrections and preventions. These processes are supposed to measure the external trade operation, the production process, client satisfaction and quality management system, analyze the results of the measurement and identify feasible improvements.

4. By utilizing those three stages of processes, the self-refined and improvement will be ensured, so that the clients’ requests will be met as well as requests from other parties.

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