Sodium Antimonate

Chemical formula: NaSbO3·3H2O

Molecular weight: 246.75


Sodium Antimonate is applied as flame retardant for polypropylene, polystyene, polyvinylchloride, nylon, abs, rubber, paint, coating, synthetic resin and papes, applied to remove the hidden air in molten glass, also applied as activator in polyester fiber, used as covering agents and whiteing agents in enameled and ceramic products, used as deactivators in the catalytic cracking and catalytic reforming processes of heavy oil and residual oil of petroleum.


The products are using high quality antimony trioxide from as their raw material.

It is mainly used as clarifier and color killer for kinescope of TV sets, fluorescent tube, camera tube, lighting lamps and other super-grade glass. Also applied as auxiliary fire resistance for plastics, rubber and textiles.




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